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Successful transformation for HR managers and their HR departments: Be proactive and professional and not just reacting.

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Every organizational transformation also means a “social transformation”:

The game changes – and so does its rules.

What does that mean for you as HR responsible? 
Not only an obligation - but also an excellent opportunity - to rethink and redefine your role.
You could use it to bring increased value add and to make a real contribution to the company’s success.

Do you recognize these situations?

Situation 1

You are faced with multiple, challenging transformation requirements - but you don’t have the necessary tools.

Situation 2

 Your company is growing rapidly, perhaps internationally - yet there are no standardized, global HR processes to effectively manage business or redesign the collaboration model.

Situation 3

You have developed novel ideas for a professional and strategic HR function - Unfortunately, both management and employees discard them - everybody prefers sticking with their old notions of HR operations.

My offer

What is the status quo of your HR function? What goals have you set? Where do you need help?





Assuming temporary responsibility for line or project management to manage change or transition. Whether due to lack of suitable skills or scarcity of resources, I support you as Head of HR or as a Project Manager to make change happen.

HR Consulting
für HR



I advise and actively support Head of HR and teams align their department with the needs of the business in terms of transformation and sustainability. Jointly we develop suitable personnel strategies and operational activities.



Transformation always means interaction with and interdependencies within the entire organisation. I advise und actively support you in identifying your key challenges and help you overcome these throughout the transformation and change management process.

„It is important to approach things processually but also playfully. Then success is guaranteed.“

Innovation is by no means automatic - especially not in the light of given structural rigidities. 

Once you realize that old ways no longer work, it is essential – despite a serious or even critical situation – to approach it playfully. You have to take people with you based on their individual strengths to be able to make true innovation happen.

How do I work?
I offer a fresh perspective,
new paths to previously unimagined solutionsand a reflection on the prevailing ‘self-evidents’ in the company

In short: To shape and implement the new direction with all actors, with the clear goal to get better together and learn from each other.
I would be happy to support you on this journey.
What you can expect from me:
  • Quick access to new trends and topics such as flexible organisational models, agile working methods, mindset-oriented change measures
  • Strategic foresight coupled with hands-on mentality and realism for what is possible
  • Strong communication strength – especially in critical situations and in international collaboration
  • Moreover: courage and confidence in challenging situations
As an innovator, I translate trends into fitting, feasible solutions for my customers. Using creative ways and powerful methods, I make change happen – both compellingly and boldly – to bring real results.
For more than 20 years I worked at the forefront of Human Resources – both in large gobal corporations, and in local and international medium-sized subsidiaries.
My focus and my passion: Transformation. My role: to help HR teams bring real results throughout the transformation process - by interacting on a par with business and implementing HR solutions: fast, simple, and knowledgeable.
About me
„I know Gabriele as someone who always strives to make things better, not only for herself – but for everybody in the entire unit to get better together and learn from each other.“ 
(a former colleague)

During my extensive career, I have experienced, learned, and successfully mastered various positions with diverse responsibilities and very different challenges. In a nutshell, I can support you in the following key areas:

Change Management & Transformation 

 also remote & virtual

Operational HR projects

from implementing a global expert career to setting up a digital unit 

 Internationalization & Growth


& New Work


I look forward to meeting you personally. I am here to support you and your team - flexibly and individually.

Do not hesitate to contact me - even if you only have a few questions.


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